Lockdown 2.0 - Why Doing Nothing is so Exhausting

We are all lockdown pros by now, having spent six months in lockdown 1.0, and now back in 2.0. But one thing that many are still struggling with is the doing-nothing-exhaustion.

Back in March, lockdown 1.0 came with the promise of much-needed rest. Saying farewell to our daily commutes, shelving our social plans and taking a time-out from the gym meant, we thought, a mental and physical reset.

So why are we all so tired in lockdown? We are literally doing nothing, but we’re exhausted.

It turns out there is actually a scientific explanation…


Apparently, it’s totally normal for your energy levels to drop when you’re not doing anything. Dr Diana Gall, from Doctor 4 U, says the less you do, the more tired you feel and therefore the less you do, leading to a bit of a cycle.