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The founder of The London Sleep Company Amy Paris



After spending almost four years working in city law firms, I found I was really struggling to fit everything into my life. In my attempts to squeeze it all in, I sacrificed sleep. 

It took me a long time to realise that I was existing in a world that championed poor sleep; the caffeine culture, the bravado of office all-nighters and the supposed 'downtime' offered by Netflix and social media. 

I noticed my own well-being, and that of my friends, was being seriously affected by the demands of modern life. Poor sleep had so many knock on effects - I didn't have the energy to exercise, I made poor food choices and my anxiety and stress levels sky-rocketed. I caught every cold going and, to make matters worse, I started suffering from caffeine induced nightmares. 

I needed to regain control of my life and it was that realisation that kick-started my own well-being journey. I started with sleep, researching everything there was to know. By developing my own products and sleep hacks, I came up with the perfect bedtime routine. That simple routine allowed me to rebuild my relationship with sleep. 

The change was so apparent that my family and friends all wanted in. 

Fast forward two years of researching, developing and perfecting and The London Sleep Company was launched, alongside my co-founder, Laura, whose love of sleep makes her the perfect business partner. 


At The London Sleep Company, we believe that every good morning starts the night before. 

We are passionate about the transformative power of sleep, so our vision is to continue developing products with true wellbeing benefits - to relieve stress and aid sleep. 

Through our products, we want everybody to fall back in love with sleep. 

Sweet dreams...

The London Sleep Company Products
The London Sleep Company Products


A lot of time, research and energy has gone into The London Sleep Company's Bath & Shower Elixir, and our plans for future releases; each product currently in development has been carefully created and deliberately and purposefully selected for its sleep benefits. 

We want you to be proud of our products too - we never use ingredients from animal sources and all our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our products also are made in here in the UK. 

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Sleep Ambassador - Rufus Dog


Sleep Ambassador - Martha Dog




Big on love, Rufus is the office morale booster. He’s always ready with a reassuring cuddle. At 11 years old, he brings a wealth of experience to the role and has learnt to interpret the mood in the office and act accordingly.

Always thinking about her stomach, Martha was the perfect choice for Head of Biscuits. Her enthusiasm for life always rubs off on us and she lives by the motto ‘never go to sleep on an empty tum’.  Wise Words.

Sleep Ambassador - Chimera Dog



Chimera was a street dog in Thailand. She was hit by a car and lost one of her legs. She’s gone from sleeping on the streets, to sleeping at the foot of the bed. She’s streetwise, so perfect for her role in security.

Sleep Ambassador - Peak Poon Dog



Another Thai rescue, Peak Poon was saved from the dog meat trade. She values her alone time, so often sneaks off to find quiet places to sleep away from people and other dogs. We can totally relate Peaky!

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