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The perfect sleep sanctuary is an ode to the senses. Pay homage to your sight, sound, taste, scent and touch as you settle down for a good night’s sleep.


Rest your eyes by dimming the lights two hours before you go to bed, or using just candles to light the room. Bright, artificial light hinders the release of the sleep inducing hormones we need to drift off. On the other hand, a dimly lit room will signal to your body that you are preparing for sleep.

Our eyes are stimulated throughout the day by bright unnatural light and the blue light emitted by computers, tablets and phone screens. Give them a well deserved break before bedtime and feel the tension drain away.

Girl's eyes


This one’s a personal one. Some of us need absolute, hear-a-pin-drop-silence for sleep, as any little noises will be bothersome. Others find a silent room unnerving, and prefer something soothing to the ears to quiet their mind, perhaps some soft music or the gentle dripping of a diffuser.

A good podcast is a real treat for the ears before bed and takes us right back to days where the biggest question in our lives was ‘what bedtime story should I choose tonight?' So pick a good one, snuggle up and listen. Like the good old days.

Find your perfect sleep soundscape and use it to help you drift off.

Girl's ear


Some foods are big no-nos before bed, like anything containing caffeine, particularly fatty or spicy foods and foods high in sugar. But others can work tiny little miracles and send you off sleepily into the land of nod.

Nothing says bedtime quite like a comforting hot drink – whether you drink it with a good book or while you journal, it’s the perfect relaxant. Try switching your bedtime cuppa for a calming, caffeine free tea blend. Or even a Dreamtime Hot Chocolate by Whittards – it’s not just a childhood tale that warm milk before bed helps you sleep. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid which produces melatonin – the hormone that regulates sleep cycles.

Combining sources of tryptophan with good carbs, such as whole grains or fruits, helps it reach the brain more quickly and easily. Banana with yogurt is a winning bedtime tryptophan-carb combo!


Used for centuries, essential oils have incredible, proven sleep benefits.

Studies suggest that Chamomile calms nerves and reduces anxiety, while Patchouli is a potent relaxant. Lavender can lower heart rate and improve sleep quality and studies have shown that inhaling Jasmine can rival the effect of a prescription sedative. Plant power!

Our Sleep Signatures range is the perfect blend of potent, sleep inducing aromas. And, if you use the same fragrance before bed, your body will become familiar with the signal and start to prepare itself for sleep. So the more you use it, the better the effects!



Touch is another personal one. What we wear to bed and the bedding we use is a very subjective matter; some people like to sleep without anything on, while others need their favourite pyjamas to drift off. Some people really benefit from a weighted blanket, while others prefer light, barely-there bedding to keep them cool and free.

Bamboo and silk are great materials for sleep wear as they keep you at a comfortable temperature. Experiment with materials, weights and styles of bedding and sleep wear and find what works for you.

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NB: This article is for information purposes, and does not constitute medical advice. If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, or have symptoms which prevent you from sleeping well, you should contact your medical practitioner.


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