Work & home life blurring? 7 ways to re-establish the boundaries...

With the vast majority of the population working from home at the moment, and many set to do so until Christmas, it is important to implement some structure in our day so that we can clearly separate work life from home life (even if they are, strangely, taking place in exactly the same space).

Check out these tips and tricks to help you switch off when work becomes home and home becomes work:


Notifications can be handy but, increasingly, they can also be overwhelming. Disabling notifications disrupts the ‘always-on’ mindset that makes us feel as though we need to be constantly available and responsive to others. You can keep the most critical notifications enabled, if that makes you feel more comfortable – whether that be those from a specific person, a particular application or work project. You’ll feel calmer, less distracted and more able to focus.