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The London Sleep Company Scoops Wellness Award

We are so proud to announce that our Bath & Shower Elixir has won the Bronze Award at the Pure Beauty Awards London 2020, in the Best New Wellness Product category.

We were honoured to share the winner’s podium with This Works and Feather & Down, both huge brands with a focus on sleep and wellbeing.

Our beautiful violet glass bottles contain a complex blend of pure botanical oils, expertly formulated with deep, restorative sleep in mind. 100% natural, with nourishing safflower oil and hydrating vitamin E, this luxurious pre-sleep treatment will fill your bath or shower with the wonderful aromas of calming Ylang Ylang, anxiety-soothing Frankincense and grounding Vetivert, bringing tranquillity to your evening ritual.


Our Bath & Shower Elixir has benefits for your sleep, your mind and your skin.

When it comes to your sleep, it works as well as it does for 3 key reasons – firstly, the complex blend of botanical oils have been specially selected for their sleep-inducing properties.

Secondly, the Elixir is designed to be used during an evening bath or shower. This encourages you to slow down before bed, allowing time to unwind. Simply Including a warm bath or shower in your evening routine helps sleep as it raises and then cools your body to the perfect sleep temperature. Timing here is important – make sure you’re out of the bath about an hour and half before you want to sleep, giving your body enough time to cool to that optimum temperature.

Thirdly, when used as part of a regular routine, your brain will start to associate the fragrance with sleep, sending signals that it’s time to relax and prepare for rest.


'I have suffered for years with lack of sleep due to anxiety … I use The London Sleep Company’s Bath & Shower Elixir each evening and would now be lost without it.'

'It’s really changed how I start to wind down my evening and focus on self-care.'

'The blend is truly beautiful.'

'Using this oil I always had a fabulous night’s sleep.'

'Lovely bath oil, a little goes a long way and it makes the whole flat smell like a spa.'


Prepare for a relaxing, deep sleep by massaging three full pipettes all over your upper body, before stepping into a warm bath or shower. 

To capture the full aromatherapy benefits, cup your hands to your face & inhale deeply three times, breathing in through your nose & out through your mouth. 

Alternatively, drop three full pipettes of the Elixir into a warm bath. Let the botanical oils and natural aromas work their sleepy magic...


When we launched The London Sleep Company, we had this feeling that because sleep is so natural, our products must be too.

Our Bath & Shower Elixir is made in the UK in small batches. It is vegan, 100% natural and SLS and palm-oil free. Containing no synthetic fragrances, parabens or artificial colours, we believe that what we leave out is just as important as what we put in.

We are passionate about animal welfare – and for that reason none of our products have ever been, or will ever be, tested on animals.

We care about the environment – which is why we use beautiful glass bottles, as opposed to plastic, meaning they can be reused and recycled.

So if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your evening relaxation ritual, or a gift for a loved one in need of some me-time, look no further. The London Sleep Company’s Bath & Shower Elixir is your sleep saviour. With sleep so strongly linked to your health and immune system, there’s never been a better time to unwind, relax and really feel the health benefits of rest.

NB: This article is for information purposes, and does not constitute medical advice. If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, or have symptoms which prevent you from sleeping well, you should contact your medical practitioner.


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