The 5 Sleep Tips You Need Right Now

Not getting the sleep you need? We've compiled our top 5 sleep tips to help you rebuild your relationship with sleep: 


We are a nation of screen lovers, always checking our phones and emails or watching Netflix. But none of that helps us truly switch off, instead it keeps our brains alert. Taking some time in the evenings to properly prepare for sleep can work wonders:

  • Set a no-screen limit for two hours before bed. That includes phones, TVs and computers. The blue light these devices emit blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy, so you feel more awake before bed.

  • Try including a beautifully fragranced warm bath (or shower) in your evening routine as they raise and then cool your body to the perfect sleep temperature. But the timing here is important – make sure you’re out of the bath or shower about an hour and a half before you want to sleep, giving your body enough time to cool to that optimum temperature.

  • Swap Netflix for a good paperback, podcast or audiobook. To really help you drift off, dim the lights or light a candle (the hormones that regulate our sleep cycles are light-sensitive) and enjoy a cup of caffeine-free herbal sleep tea.