Bringing the outside indoors is very on-trend right now. We spend so much of our time indoors that it makes sense to feature splashes of nature in our homes. But as well as looking great, natural greenery in the home can have huge health benefits, with some even helping you sleep. And if that’s not good enough – research, by NASA no less, found that certain houseplants provide space stations with purer and cleaner air! And with all that pre-sleep deep breathing we do, we want the cleanest air!

Plants and Leaves

Now, we know some people are uncertain about keeping plants in the bedroom through fear of filling the air with carbon dioxide when the day-time process of photosynthesis stops (don’t panic – that’s the end of the school biology references). However, some plants do the opposite and emit oxygen while you sleep, making them perfect plants for the bedroom.

House plants also reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Stress and anxiety wreak havoc with your sleep, so these plants are a wonderful addition to your sleep sanctuary.

Here are The London Sleep Company’s top three, easily available, easy to care for, NAS