Four Signs Sleep is Impacting Your Relationship (and what to do about it)

When we get enough sleep, the brain is able to properly process our emotions and memories from the day.

On the other hand, when we are sleep deprived, the body goes into ‘survival mode’; the brain shuts down anything non-essential and focuses on what the body needs to survive – eat, urinate, make it through the day. This means that ‘unnecessary’ activities – like chatting to your partner, meeting your friends at the pub, or remembering to pick up milk on the way home – go out the window.

This is why sleep is paramount to relationships. “All of the things it takes to make a relationship work are probably completely decimated by lack of sleep”, says W. Christopher Winter, a neurologist and author of The Sleep Solution.

Below are four key signs that sleep is impacting your relationship, and what to do about them: