Beat Jet Lag (Military Style)

Now that international flights are beginning to resume, more and more of us will find ourselves crossing time zones. And that means the return of the dreaded jet lag. But don't fear - there is a possible solution!

In the 1980s Dr Charles Ehret, an expert in circadian rhythms and researcher at the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, created a method of combatting jet lag that is now widely used by the US military. Dr Ehret discovered that it was possible to reset your internal clock faster if you used alternate fasting for three days before flying.

The method is called The Argonne Diet and here’s the simple regime:

Day One – A Fast Day

Restrict yourself to 800 calories.

Day Two – A Feast Day

Eat a high-protein breakfast, an above-average size lunch and then an early dinner. Do not drink caffeine after 5pm.

Day Three (the day before your flight) - A Fast Day

Restrict yours